My Generation is Running Things! Ain’t it Grand?

I’ve been thinking about some things recently in terms of my generation, those before us, and those who have come after us. I grew up in the 1970s as a teenager and looking back at those years and my college years I’ve recently had what you might call a few “revelations.” I have to be honest here. My generation was “out to lunch” and just about all meals before and after. Even though we came after the hippies of the 60s we were, like them, mostly all about drugs, raw sex, and rock-n-roll. Yeah, the world was our playground and life was “suppose” to be all about having fun and being cool just like Elton John sings about in his song “Crocodile Rock.”

Mine was a mostly lazy generation growing up. We liked to go out and party almost every night and especially on Friday and Saturday nights and then sleep until noon the next day. We grew our hair long like the hippies of the 60s and jammed out to tunes 24/7. And the future? Hell we never thought about that because we thought we’d be forever young. We were a lazy generation and we expected ma and pop to foot the bill and when they didn’t we’d get mad and throw a tantrum and you’d never know we were teens because we acted like we were 5 year olds. Yes, it was paradise as long as someone else footed the bills. And work? Hell who wanted to work? Boring!

Today my generation is the “establishment.” At least they are part of it. And so is the generation that came after mine as is the now old hippies from the 60s. What a combination. Peace and love, age of Aquarius, drugs, raw sex, rock-n-roll, lazy, no real vision for the future, and every irresponsible. That was these generations back then and these generations now hold the reigns of power. And we wonder why our society and country is so messed up now? LOL wtf?

I have to admit that in the 70s I was proud of my generation but, today, I’m ashamed of my generation. Ashamed because we never let go of that laziness and expectation that someone else would always be there to foot the bill. Ashamed because we never really grew up and became responsible. I admit. My generation, among others, has played a big part in wrecking our nation, our society, and our economy. We were idiots in the 70s and we still are.

I’ve often wished that I could go back in time and do some things differently. I’d be much more responsible and I’d create and hold a vision of the future too. Instead of gliding through life I’d make more of an effort to be a part of it and engage it. And the drugs, sex, rock-n-roll? I wouldn’t be a part of that if I could go back in time. But that’s not possible. What is done is done and there is never any going back. Regrets? You bet! Many!

So, here we are in 2011 and my lazy unproductive generation holds some of the reigns of power as part of the “establishment.” Oh yes, we see the problems but, hell, we really don’t have any solutions and, frankly, we have no clue what to do. The sky is falling but we still believe everything will “be cool” and it will “all workout somehow.” But that’s the problem. It’s not cool and things are not working out. Our government is becoming more and more the police state with each passing day, our economy is tanking like the sinking Titanic, and society continues to come unraveled at almost supersonic speed. What the hell do we do about that? We have no clue.

I must admit one thing. Growing up in the 70s we had it made. Really made! Ma and Pa had dough and they bought us cool cars and trucks. Gas was cheap and they’d stop at nothing to get us those cool clothes we wanted to wear. And those stereo systems with 8-Tracks and big speakers? Hell man that was really cool and we spared no expense getting them either. Hey we thought we were cool and so so very smart. Problem today is many of us are realizing we are not so cool and, in fact, we really aren’t that smart either. Ma and Pa gave us just about anything we wanted and doing without never even entered our minds. Shit man, as far as we were concerned the world owed it all to us! And now we are running things! Ma and Pa are no longer there footing the bills and giving us what we wanted. We have to get up and go to work and there is no more sleeping until noon the next day. Now we have to work and support the wife and kids along with paying the bills. Shit! Where’s Ma and Pa? That’s their job isn’t it?

But there’s more. Oh yes much more. I grew up in the 70s in a moderate size town and for just about my entire life as a kid and teen I was MADE to go to church every Sunday morning almost without fail. I guess that was the unspoken condition I had to carry out to keep getting what I wanted. Well the church I was made to go to was a fundamentalist Southern Baptist church that liked to preach endlessly about the end of the world and the apocalypse. They so well indoctrinated me in that that I was certain I’d never live past age 30 because surely the world would end by then. I had no hope. No hope for a future. And neither did many others in my generation because we pretty much figured the world would be toast by age 30 at the latest. So why bother, we reasoned. Why bother to hope or build a life? Shit it was all going to be over anyway. Yeah, my generation was not only lazy and irresponsible but we were hopeless too. And now we are running things! That’s pretty scary when I sit and think about it.

Yep we are running things! The generation that was virtually handed everything on a silver platter. Aren’t we doing a fantastic job? Ma and Pa would be proud of us I’m sure as grandma and grandpa would be loading the shotgun to take us out! I’m pretty sure of that too as my grandparents thought my generation was pretty “worthless.”

Looking back I think we were given too much comfort with no real strings attached. Mom and Pop should have clamped down on us more and taught us what doing with out feels like. They shouldn’t have put up with our staying out all hours of the night and sleeping until noon the next day. They should have made us work and earn our way instead of footing the bill. They should have taught us to be responsible and, most of all, they should have taught us never but never to take anything for granted. But they didn’t and now we are running things and, honestly, my generation is partly to blame why things in our country are so screwed up right now! I admit it. Now what?

Now what? Frankly I don’t know and neither does anyone else in my generation because we really don’t have a clue. Hell man the world is suppose to be over by now. You know the apocalypse? But it ain’t happening! Now what?

I look back at us growing up in the 70s and I think was a bunch of losers and idiots we were and, frankly, it scares the hell out of me that my generation is now running things in this country and society. Yeah I pretty much think mine is one generation that should have never come of age. We were well indoctrinated into the concept of everyone doing their “own thing” and, hell, we didn’t see anything wrong with doing anything. Just as long as it felt good and we got some mileage out of it, that is. Man my generation was F—ked up and we still are! But, hey, now we are running things! We’ve carried our free spending, there is no money limit, lack of self control to the max! Why? Because we never learned anything any different. Because we never learned how to be responsible or frugal. We never learned what suffering was or what doing without was like. Shit that was for other people, not us!

We are running things! Now what?

That’s the billion dollar question I think. We’ve managed to screw things up pretty badly so now what do we do about it to fix it? Maybe it’s time my generation grows up. Maybe it’s time we gain some vision and hope. Maybe it’s time to realize that Ma and Pa aren’t there to foot the bill anymore because we now have to foot those bills.

In concluding my thoughts one more frightening thing dawned in my little warped mind. Physically my generation did grow up and we got married (or not) and had kids (always) of our own. And we raised those kids as if they were bothersome. Hell when video games and computers came along we saw them not as fantastic advances in technology but as automatic and almost free babysitters for our little rats. Hey, we were to busy living life and having FUN! We haven’t taught our kids one damned thing. In fact we put most of them on legal drugs to zone them out, calm them down. Down to the point of zombies! And now those kids are growing up and will soon be coming to run things and that’s absolutely horrifying! Zombie kids will be running things when my screwed up generation has finished. IF there is anything to run which, at this point, I doubt there will be.

Many in my generation grew up taking things for granted including our freedoms and democracy and we were really good at wrecking things but really sucked at building things. Now we are running things and we are still experts at wrecking things and building nothing. That’s sad really. That’s frightening for certain. Looking back I think my generation needed a really good ass whipping!

It’s hard to be hopeful when I look back at my generation. It’s hard to form a vision of prosperity. We were screwed up. My generation that came after the hippies of the 60s. We had all the wrong ideas put into our heads and we still hold most of all of those wrong ideas even today as we are running things. But, hey, we are running things and I’m sure we will finish things too. Mine is a generation of idiot with no vision and no sense of being responsible. You don’t really think we are going to save anything do you? Hell we aren’t the generation of saviors because we are the generation in need of salvation! Yeah, we are running things………..right off into the abyss!



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Masculinity, the Warrior, and the Fall of the West

Commentary by Robert V. Reich————

I’ve been thinking. I know that is dangerous. But I’ve been thinking about our country and our society and frankly what I see going on today is very disturbing. Since it is the Christmas/Holiday season let me begin with god. Or more specifically with “gods.”

We live in a very materialist society that is really bent on celebrity, fame, and fortune. Many of us spend a good portion of our lives chasing after things like new cars, clothes, and the latest gadgets. And even when we get those things they don’t satisfy us and we think we need something more. Something more to make us feel complete, worthy, and good. It’s an endless cycle and it’s a cycle that can easily get out of control and send us into financial oblivion especially at this time of the year. The fact is none of these things really satisfy us because they can’t satisfy us. Material things never can. Satisfaction comes from within us, not outside of us. Yet, we spend a good deal of our waking ours in an endless and crazy pursuit of these material things and, when it comes right down to it, aren’t these things our “gods”?

As I said, I’ve been thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that our real “gods” in this society and nation are things like money, greed, and even corruption. These are just some of the things we spend much of our time chasing after endlessly. We desire them. We want them. We have to have them! And we’ll just about do anything to get them. So, yes, these things are our “gods” today.

And what is the price we pay, really, for these “gods”? One price we pay is we sacrifice our individuality. We all want those latest trending clothes and haircut. We all try our best to sound “cool” and “hip” just like our home-boy or home-girl. What we fail to realize is that we start to look and sound and even behave like clones. Exact carbon copies of each other. There goes our individuality!

What else do we sacrifice for our modern societal “gods”? How about our financial security? Hey, give us that credit card with a mega credit limit and, hell, we’re good! And we don’t waste one second spending that credit limit. And when the bills come do then the reality of our financial irresponsibility hits home and we have to fork up the dough to pay the credit card bill. Ah, nothing like being a mindless consumer droid is there? I mean, afterall, isn’t that what our “gods” want us to be today? Sure do.

Greed, Money, Corruption. These are some of our “gods” today and we will stop at no end to appease them. To eternally worship them. To possess them and allow them to possess us. What most of us don’t realize is that these are the very things that dim the soul and, perhaps, that is the saddest tragedy of all in modern society. Most of us have lost our souls long, long ago when we began to worship these false and materialistic “gods.” They robbed us blind of what really matters. They’ve dulled our minds. They’ve dimmed our spirits. Let’s face it. The price we pay for chasing after these “gods” is extremely high and we all know it even though we don’t really want to think about it.

In my pondering as I was considering our many modern “gods” I realized that these are also the very things that have destroyed and are destroying our society in the West. We’ve run amok chasing after these “gods” to the point that, let’s be true, Western society IS in a perpetual state of collapse now. Oh yes, we see it all around us even though we try to ignore it and pretend like “it just ain’t so.” But, we all know that the West is collapsing and no matter how we try to be self blind to it, we know it is true. And guess what? So do our enemies.

I’ve studied a lot of history especially ancient history and what is happening to western society today has happened before. And just so you know the end is not good. Many societies have come before us and one thing I’ve noticed is that in empires they usually plant the seeds of their own destruction from within and that’s exactly what is happening to America if you think of it in terms of an empire. The disintegration of morals and values is one of those seeds of self destruction we have planted. The rejection of any real meaningful values is another. We’ve done just as most other past empires have done when it comes to our own self ruin. We’ve turned right into wrong and wrong into right. We’ve made up to be down and down to be up. We’ve turned everything upside down today and most of us don’t even realize that this is exactly what happened in many of the past great societies of the world. The same exact thing. That’s kind of sad in my opinion. Sad that we, humankind, fails to learn from the past.

Here’s something else I’ve noticed in my studies of history and past civilizations. In just about every one of them the role of the male became diminished. Now don’t think I’m a sexist because I’m not and I don’t blame the fall of ancient empires on women either. In fact, I blame it on the MALES! It appears to me that in many ancient societies that grew into empires the males in those societies became “soft” and “weak.” They started to become decadent and forsook their roles in leadership often times. I blame that on the males not the females of those past societies. In fact, I’ve read accounts in which many of the women in these past societies were absolutely disgusted by the growing weakness and decadence of the males! In some of these ancient societies women didn’t wait around for the men to save them. They TOOK the reigns of power right out of the hands of the men! That was probably a good thing because those ancient women rulers most likely saved their empires and societies from wholesale slaughter by the “barbarians.”

That being said let me continue with my focus on males. The traditional and historical role of males has been the role of the warrior and soldier. That’s what males have always been. That’s what males have always most closely identified with and wanted to be. Warriorhood has been the traditional and historical male ideal and role model. And when the males of a society begin to turn away from that role model they become soft, weak, and decadent. And the result is, usually, the society or empire falls. Keep in mind this is not so with all past societies because in some of them the females took the reigns of power and, literally, saved the nation/empire and society.

When I speak of warriors it’s not in the context of what you see in the movies or on video games. All of those guys and figures you see slaughtering other people indiscriminately are NOT warriors! They are murderers and killers! They would have been rejected in any warrior society. In fact, it was men like that that warrior societies killed because they thought such men had poisoned minds and poisoned souls. They would not have been considered “men of honor” and, therefore, not “true warriors” because in a warrior society HONOR is a really big thing.

The warrior was a man of honor not dishonor. He was a man of honesty not dishonesty. He was a man of courage not weakness. He was a man who fought to PROTECT life (the life of his people) and not one who sought to kill and slaughter indiscriminately. Warriors didn’t value machoism. Rather, they highly valued MASCULINITY. There’s a big difference between the two. Machoism is an act or a mask a male wears usually because he’s afraid and insecure of and about his own self. Masculinity is something that is innate (natural) in males. It is a male just being a male with nothing to prove to anyone and with no desire whatsoever to impose himself on anyone like the Macho man tries to do so often.

The ancient warrior was a masculine man. A man who was brave, courageous, intelligent, and compassionate. Not one who was weak, ruthless, ignorant, and filled with hate and anger. He was a man of honor and honor encompassed all of these things. He was a man who was an enigma because he could be just on one hand and perhaps even unjust on the other. Or at least he might have appeared to be unjust to some especially if they happened to be the warrior’s enemy.

Honor, compassion, courage, bravery, fidelity, intelligence, vision, masculinity. These are the things that made the warrior and these are the things that made the man. And in ancient warrior societies these are the things that made up what the ancients called the “noble man.” Yet, we’ve lost these values today in manhood. We’ve become weak and soft. We’ve become decadent and our society is faltering because of it. And that endangers every life young and old in our society today.

It’s just not government or the economy or that somewhat elusive enemy known as al-Qeada that is causing ruin in our society today. IT’S US!! And, honestly, I have to say it is MOSTLY US!! I know that’s a bitter reality pill to swallow but I think it’s true. It’s us! We’ve abandoned our values and morals in this country. We’ve turned right into wrong and wrong into right. We’ve walked away from the traditional and historical roles and values of masculinity and common sense that that our warrior ancestors once had. And all in the name of “modernism and the glorious future.” Excuse me? What is so glorious about this future that we are all now living in called the “Fall of the West” or the “Fall of America”? Sorry but I seen nothing truly glorious about it at all. In fact it’s all rather alarming!

I think that by going back we will find a better way forward. Does that make sense? The future, our future, is perhaps to be found in the past, our past? By going back to the masculine male role as noble warrior and men of honor and once again embracing those traditional and historical values we may be better able to move into a future that is truly glorious instead of wallowing in this present and future we have now that, frankly, seems to be becoming a living hell on earth for most of us.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking lately. Yes, I know, dangerous LOL. But that idea of finding a better future in the past really intrigued me. In fact it fascinates me. For myself there is something in that concept that rings so true, so pure, so real than does all of this ROT we see around us today. Rot brought about by our endless chasing after our fake “gods” named money, greed, and corruption.

It’s Time to be a Winner!

“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself,

you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;

if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself,

you will win one and lose one;

if you do not know your enemies nor yourself,

you will be imperiled in every single battle.

(Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

 Sun Tzu’s premise is that if we don’t know our enemy and we don’t know ourselves then we can pretty much count on losing almost every battle we become engaged in. This is not only true in the larger world but it is also true in our own personal lives.

In terms of the larger world, in my mind, there are not one but two primary enemies. Of course the first of those enemies are terrorists such as al Qaeda and other radical groups who seek to terrorize the world population with the use of guns and bombs. The second of those enemies is what some call the New World Order who are also radical and who seek to terrorize the world population with the use of economics. No matter what their weapons of choice both groups are terrorists in my mind. They terrorize people and seek to destroy with the only real difference being their weapons of choice. One group does it through use of weapons while the other group does it by using economic weapons.

After 9/11 we had a clear idea of who the first enemy was. Radical young Muslim males. We seem not to have such a clear concept of this enemy any longer. That’s why the TSA is strip searching grandma at the airport and this is also why Homeland Security has designated retired police officers, former military, and Bible believing Christians as “potentially dangerous.” Our concept of this type of enemy seems confused and uncertain. It seems that we now have a policy of appeasement when it comes to this enemy which is not working and which is not going to work as appeasement never works. We do not understand this enemy.

Regarding the other enemy who uses economics we don’t know that enemy either and, again, we seem to have a policy of appeasement. We do not seem to have a clear idea about this enemy either. This enemy whom some call the New World Order is composed of global bankers and international corporatist. These people are busy manipulating global economies to their own advantage without scruples. They already have billions of dollars but that isn’t enough for them because they are driven by their incredible and psychotic egos. And, as we all should know, ego is never satisfied. When it comes to the human ego something more is always required to make us feel good and successful.

The first group is motivated by self righteousness and radical religion while the second is motivated by greed, corruption, and egotism. Yet, both are terrorists as both employ methods of terrorism to achieve their goals. The only difference between the two is, as I stated, the choice of weapons. Sadly, we do not know either enemy and that in conjunction with not knowing ourselves spells bad news for all of us and for our nation.

Many people today do not know themselves. Many have come to believe that life has no real purpose and that basically our purpose is to be consumer machines and mindless droids serving the greed of our corporate overlords. We have become not only mindless but weak and fearful as a result. We’ve become dumbed down and drugged out. We see little to no hope for anything and we are so engrossed in materialism that we have lost sight of our true natures and true purposes in life. We simply do what we are manipulated into doing and usually without question. We live our lives out on auto-pilot and when we steer into the side of the mountains of life and crash we just can’t figure out why or how that happened. We have become like a herd of buffalo. We have developed the herd mentality and when the leader of the herd is driven off the cliff and into the ravine we just follow along, blindly, yet we can’t for the life of us figure out just how such a disaster happened. No, we aren’t real bright anymore.

On a personal level we don’t know ourselves and we are fearful of ourselves and we don’t know the enemy either on this level. We fail to see that the enemy here is all of the gross materialism that we wallow and drowned in and we fail to see the enemies of self degradation, hopelessness, and fear. Most of us have failed to identify these things as our enemies and those who have fail to understand them. Again, we don’t know ourselves and we don’t know the enemy and yet we just can’t figure out why we keep losing life’s battles. Sun Tzu’s premise proves truer than true on the level of our personal lives and in the larger picture of global events. We have become a planet of the blind and a planet of the ignorant and, fact is, most of us are losing the battles on both levels.

The 18th century imperial Russian field marshal, Alexander Suvorov, once said, “Too much comfort bring too little courage.” Let’s face the truth in this. Western society, in particular, has become a grossly decadent society, a fat and lazy society. We have far too much comfort and the end result of that is we also have too little courage. That’s why we are constantly at a loss to know what to do about people like al Qaeda and the ego driven global bankers and corporatist. That’s why we wring our hands constantly and fret over the bully in the workplace or at school who has become our nemesis instead of kicking his ass! We have no courage and we are too afraid to kick his ass. Instead we fret and whine over it and want nanny government to somehow protect us from our nemesis. We need to lose some of our comforts and start mustering up some courage. We need to come to know ourselves and our enemies on a societal and personal level so instead of losing our battles we can start winning them. If we don’t do that then we might as well hang it up because the human race and our personal lives are over. Spinelessness is not the way to go. And neither is appeasement!

You can try to appease the enemy all day long but it is not going to work. Appeasing an enemy only emboldens him more. When an enemy sees that you are trying to appease him he comes to realize that you are afraid of him and once he figures that out he will stop at nothing to further terrorize and intimidate you. Appeasement does not make things better. Appeasement makes things worse. The current appeasement policy of the Obama administration when it comes to terrorist might be working in the short run but in the long wrong we will come to fully realize it is a huge mistake. The same will hold true on the personal level. Appease fear will only bring about more fear in the long run. Appeasing weakness and ignorance will prove in the end to bring about only more weakness and more ignorance. Weakness must be made strong not appeased. Ignorance must be educated not appeased. Fear must be confronted and conquered by whatever means necessary not appeased.

Sun Tzu’s premise is proven true over and over again but most of us still don’t get it and most of us still can’t figure out why we are losing in life and why we are also losing on a societal level. We don’t know the enemy and we don’t know ourselves. Because of that we are not winning and we are not going to win most of our battles. Life is a struggle. Life is a battleground. Sorry to disappoint all of you people out there that think life is a fun filled vacation. It’s not! It’s a warzone. A battlefield! A struggle. And if you don’t engage in that battle then you lose! That’s why the world, especially in western society, we have so many losers. We don’t engage in the battle but try to avoid it because we are way too comfortable and lack courage to do so. What must be realized is that we absolutely must stop being too comfortable and start mustering up some courage before the enemy plunders us to no end. This is so both on a societal and personal level.

Somewhere along the course of our personal and collective lives we must come to know ourselves and when we do we will then begin to win some of the battles that we face. And the point we must come to eventually as a society and in our personal lives is knowing both ourselves and our enemy because once we come to that point we will begin to win far more of the battles than lose them as we are now. In fact, once we come to the point of knowing both our enemies and ourselves we will put ourselves on the road to victory instead of continuing down the road of defeat that we are on today.

The fact of the matter is that we must not only know ourselves but we also must believe in ourselves. Sadly, most of us in the west do not today. That’s why we are busy looking for someone to save us. That’s how Barack Obama got into the White House. We thought he would save us from all of our woes but he’s proven not to be our “savior.” In fact, he’s proven to be one big disappointment for most people today and the world. We shouldn’t be looking for a savior. We should be believing in ourselves and our abilities as human beings. We should be coming to know the enemy and ourselves. Only by this will we begin to win the big battles that loom over all of us instead of constantly losing them.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of all of the losses. I’m tired of our country and society losing more than we win. I’m tired of being manipulated and played for stupid by this New World Order shit at the hands of the psychotically egotistical, greedy, and corrupt global bankers and corporatist. I’m tired of seeing great economies being manipulated and pillaged and I’m tired of watching our Constitutional civil rights being whacked away little by little. Personally, I’ve given up some of my comforts and I’m giving up more because I have found Suvorov’s maxim to be true. Too much comfort DOES create too little courage! Truth is, LESS comfort brings MORE courage and that’s the route I’ve chose to take in my own life. I want more courage, not less, because I want to be a winner in life and not a loser. And I’m educating myself about the enemies we face so I can know the enemy. And along with that I’m coming to know myself because I want VICTORY not defeat! I would hope that all of you do the same. We are living in dark times and these are times that require courage, knowing the enemy, and knowing ourselves IF we are to be victorious. Yet, sadly, I see the numbers growing daily of mindless, zoned out, ignorant, drugged out, droids. When I see them I see them as the losers and defeated in life. I see them as those who have given up and surrendered to the enemy and mostly without even a fight at all. That’s sad. Real sad!

Be it on a societal or personal level if you want to be victorious and start winning instead of losing then give up some of your comfort so you can start learning how to be courageous instead of weak and fearful. Study the enemy! Whoever or whatever that enemy is. Knowing the enemy means having knowledge about him or it. It means dispelling the clouds of mystery that surround him or it. Knowledge is power. Come to know yourself if you want to start being a winner instead of a loser. Realize that you are a human being with a mind and soul and that you are NOT some mindless ignorant droid whose purpose in life is to serve the corporate elite! Realize your life has real purpose and it is NOT to be a serf to this New World Order shit!!

Let me let all of you reading this on to a little secret. Do you know what every bully fears? Do you know what fear, fears most? Do you know what the global bankers and corporatist New World Order fears more than anything else? Do you know what darkness actually runs away from? An EMPOWERED human being! A human being who realizes himself or herself as NOT being a mindless droid. A human being who is courageous and who believe in his or herself. A human being who is not looking for any savior because he/she has already found that savior WITHIN their own selves! A courageous human being who knows both the enemy and themselves. That is what our enemies fore most. That’s when they turn tail and run like the scared DOGS that they are! That is the kind of person you NEED to become starting right now because it is the only way you and we are going to start WINNNING and stop losing!

Life is not only a struggle but is a battleground. That’s why I love Sun Tzu, Suvorov, and some of the other great military leaders of history. Because we can take their maxims and apply them not only on a societal level but on a personal level and make them applicable in and for our own lives in this 21st century. The sooner we all wake up and realize that we are in a warzone fighting a battle, the sooner we begin to win. I am a Soldier and Warrior! You are too. Isn’t it about time you start acting like it? Isn’t it about time you stop losing and start winning? The choice is yours.

 Robert V. Reich





Christians May Be Potential TERRORISTS

Commentary & Opinion:

Bible Believing Christians May Be “Potentially Dangerous” !!


Robert V. Reich

Alex Jones have something up on his website that very much disturbs me. It’s an artlicle from “The American Dream” website listing 30 signs the US is being turned into one big prison. You can find the article on at:

The item I find most disturbing (among all others listed) is item #26 which says the following:

#26 Certain “types” of American citizens are being labeled as potential threats in official U.S. Government documents. An unclassified Department of Homeland Security report published a couple of years ago entitled “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” claims that a belief in Bible prophecy “could motivate extremists individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition, and weapons.” The report goes on to state that such people are potentially dangerous.

 So Christians who believe in the Bible and, specifically, those who believe in Bible prophecy (which is most Christians) are “potentially dangerous”? If I remember correctly DHS released another report that claimed returning US soldiers and police officers are also “potentially dangerous.” So now they are adding Christians to the list. That’s OUTRAGEOUS!! How about adding radical Muslim young males who like to shout “death to America”? Are they on the list of “potentially dangerous” people? I’m specifically talking the “certain types” like crashed planes into the WTC and Pentagon killing 3000 innocent people.

It’s funny but after 911 we seemed to know who the enemy was and today we don’t. Today for some reason it is the American people that are the designated enemies of the state. How is that? Why is our government so paranoid? What are they doing that they need to be so paranoid about? NONE of the 911 terrorists were US citizens. NONE were from Iraq or Afghanistan. They were ALL from that great pal of ours called Saudi Arabia! So why have American citizens now been designated as possible terrorists when we know who the REAL terrorists are already? Our police? Our military? Now Bible believing Christians? These are NOT the terrorists! If I didn’t know better I’d swear that our government might be one of the real terrorists. Read more…

Pole Shift 2012?

2012 Pole Shift! Could it be? Some experts have been saying for a long while now that there is a pole shift coming around 2012 and, in fact, the magnet pole shift has already begun. Airports have had to change their runways because of the shifting magnetic pole. Some experts are now warning that the closer we get to 2012 the more chaotic the world’s weather will become and paying carbon taxes to Al Gore and his henchmen is not going to do one things to stop it. They say global warming alarmists have exploited the consequences of such a pole shift to their own political and monetary agenda’s benefit.

The most dramatic outcome of a polar shift could result in a flipping of the north and south poles. Experts estimate this only happens about every 1/2 million years or so but, as we all know, experts are not always experts or right! They estimate that our current poles have been in place for about the last 780,000 years and some experts are warning that we are overdue for such a polar flipping. They say that polar flips have been known to happen 50,000 years apart.

Such a polar shift would cause superstorms on the earth with winds as high as 300-400 mph! Such winds would totally destroy almost everything human society has built except maybe for the giant stone monoliths like the pyramids in Egypt and Central America. Our buildings made of steel and glass would surely be history if hit by such winds. Some experts believe that inbetween such flips, the magnetic field of the earth becomes weak and chaotic causing turbulence in the magnetic field. This turbulence can cause weaker gaps in the magnetosphere of the planet! Such magnetic weaknesses or gaps can allow outside influences such as solar flares to penetrate the atmosphere of Earth all the way down to the ground. Some researchers are already blaming the magnetic pole shift for the mass bird die offs around the world.

Experts say this shift in the magnetic poles does not happen overnight but happens gradually. Or so they think. Some believe that this pole shift is associated with the Mayan prophecy concerning 2012, December 21st.

At present the magnetic north pole is shifting towards Russia at about 40 miles per year, it is estimated.

Airports around the world have had to correct their runway coordinates to match sensitive airplane instruments that rely on magnetic north for guidance.

The earth is sensitive to the suns behavior and the sun affects our poles both north and south. We know from ice core samples that pole shift happens. That’s been confirmed by many scientists including those from the University of Indiana who have take ice core samples around the world. Further, we also know that sometimes this shifting of the poles is dramatic and happens very quickly! Ice core samples also prove that. And another thing that proves it is that we find wholly mammoths in the northern reaches of Siberia with buttercups still in their mouths and undigested in their stomachs. We also find fruit trees with fruit still on them as if they had been flash frozen. These plants and trees are only found in tropical regions or semi-tropical regions and since they are all flash frozen that tells us that the last polar shift was instant and dramatic! Some of the experts are making it all sound like there is nothing to worry about because it all happens slowly. They don’t want to cause panic. But, this slow happening is NOT what the evidence shows! In fact it shows just the opposite! First there is a magnetic pole shift and then there is a pole flipping or movement of some kind and it happens rather quickly.

It’s time to cut the shit! People on this planet have an absolute RIGHT to know the TRUTH and not to be lied to by these so called “experts” that have hidden agendas. Contrary to what they claim they are NOT watching out for our best interest, otherwise, they’d be telling us the truth! But they are not.

As for the Mayan prophecy speaking about the infamous date December 21, 2012 it does NOT predict the end of the world or of human existence. What it does say is that on that date the “gods” will return to dwell with man on the earth again. It also predicts many earth changes and pole shift may well be one of them. If the Mayans are right, and they have been in the past, then come December 2012 human life is not going to end but life as we know it today is going to be altered to some degree. It is wise to be prepared rather than be caught by surprise in anything.


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The Dyatlov Pass Mystery…….SOLVED!!

November 21, 2011 2 comments

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

This is the story about 9 ski hiker deaths that happened in the northersn Ural Mountains in Russia on the night of February 2, 1959.  This incident happened on the east shoulder of Kholat Syakhl Mountain (meaning Mountain of the Dead).  Specifically, it was in a pass known as Dyatlov Pass.  This pass was named after the groups leader, Igor Dyatlov.

The Dyatlov Pass incident occured during the rule of the Soviets over Russia and although there were no eyewitnesses or survivors to what actually happened the Soviet army did investigate the incident and locate the bodies of the 9 hikers.  Soviet investigators at the time determined only that a “compelling unknown force” had caused their deaths.  For 3 years after the incident, 1959-62, the Soviets forbid access to the area to skiers and hikers.

When Soviet investigators went looking for the hikers who failed to return on schedule they first found the hikers tent that was apparently cut open in the back with a knife.  The hikers appeared to have fled through the hole without their shoes, some wearing only socks and others barefoot in the heavy snow.  The investigators found all 9 bodies at the edge of the snow covered forest.  The corpses showed no signs of struggle, however, two of them had fractured skulls, two had broken ribs, and one of the hikers was missing her tongue.  According to investigators 4 of the victims’ clothing had substantial levels of radiation detected on them.

The ski group had come together for a ski trek across the northern Urals.  It consisted of Igor Dyatlov, who was the leader, and 8 men along with 2 women.  Most of them were students or graduates of the Ural Polytechnical Institute (now Ural State Technical University).  The goal of the trek was to reach Mt Otorten (which means “Don’t go there” in the native tongue).  The route was considered difficult.  All of these people were experienced skiers and hikers.  Originally the group started out with 10 members but one had to return to the village  the day after they started their trek because he became sick.  His name was Yuri Yudin.  So that left 9 members. Read more…

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2012—Fact or Fiction?

Let me be honest here. I’ve had an interest in UFO’s, space exploration, archeology, anthropology, and ancient alien theories ever since I can remember. So this whole thing with December 21, 2012 has got me a bit alert. I’ve studied a lot about the ancient Mayan, Aztecs, and Inca and I’ve been aware of the Mayan 2012 prophecy for many years now. But, frankly, I’ve always put it in the back of my mind, thinking there was nothing to it. However, that infamous date is coming next year and I’ve noticed it is not so easy any longer for me to put it out of mind.

The ancient Maya calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Mayan prophecy says there will be unrest on the Earth and a new form of man will appear on Earth at that time. The prophecies also say that at that time the flying serpent god will return and he has the power of the air. This flying serpent god is known to the Mayans as Kukulcan, to the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl, and to the Inca as Veracocha. All of their descriptions of this god are the same, for they all described him as being a white skinned male with a beard. Ironically, or maybe not, the Hopi in northern Arizona speak of a similar being that they call “Pahana,” their “true white brothers” and even today Hopi elders sit atop their pueblos watching towards the East at dawn looking for th return of Pahana. Read more…