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A Movement of We The People!

A Movement of We The People!

 The Occupy Wall Street protestors arose two months [10/17/2011] ago in response to the growing frustrations of many Americans who saw more and more that they were losing everything while the wealthy and corrupt were gaining everything. People of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds have begun to come together to fight a common foe and that common foe is capitalism, or more accurately “corporatism.”

The OWS movement has been criticized and many attempts have been made to demonize it which is unjust at best. Some in the capitalist neocon media have tried to demonize OWS which is the People’s Movement by claiming they are living in their own trash and human waste, that they are drug addicts and homeless people, that they are the degenerates in our society, and even worse. Yet, in truth, the people who compose OWS are not any of these things. All of these claims are false claims being made by the capitalists/corporatists who fear a People’s Revolution in this country! These neocon Corporatists are using outright lies in an effort to demonize the common people of America as they themselves are trying desperately to hold on to their massive amounts of money which they’ve stolen over the decades from the common American taxpayer. It’s not the common people composing OWS who are the problem in this nation. The PROBLEM is the greedy and corrupt banks, corporations—the CORPORATISTS !!

Are We The People, the average man and woman, not to question capitalism and it’s gross abuses? Are we not to question the gross inequality that has been created by the capitalists so that they can maintain their hold on the majority of wealth and power in this nation? Are the common man and woman not allowed to question the worship of profit-at-ANY-cost in this “Republic” that allegedly values “freedom of speech”? Is it so wrong that growing numbers of Americans do not wish any longer to be just “consumer machines” that are manipulated a thousands times a day by the greedy and corrupt corporatists? Are we not to question the role of big money in our politics? Are we to continue to sit by while big money dominates government and our elected officials no longer represent the People? Why is it so wrong to question these things?

Why are we not to question the rich and powerful? Why is it forbidden for us to challenge them? Why do we not have a right to know how the rich got that way and at whose expense? Is it some sort of religious sin to question? Are we not to question that the rich and greedy claim they are morally and intellectually superior by the simple fact of the money they have stolen? Intellect and morality have nothing to do with money or wealth! Are we not to ponder what is happening to the middle class in this nation and has been happening since the 1980s and even longer?

Why is it so wrong to question these things, these abuses, these INJUSTICES ? Like good little toy robots we are not suppose to think too hard about how the rich might be rigging the game to their advantage and at our expense so they can stay on top of the social food chain. Should we not question why we work to make the rich richer while we ourselves struggle daily, living paycheck to paycheck, never getting ahead? We the common People are not the paupers or serfs! The rich are not our landed lords! WE ARE THE PEOPLE!  The 99% majority!  We are the 99% and we have a voice! In this “land of the free” why is it so wrong for the common people to ask questions or to think for ourselves? Because the rich say so? Because we are suppose to wait for the crumbs from the table to trickle down to us so we can eat from off the floor? Sorry but that’s not good enough for the 99% of the American people!!

A people’s uprising is what is happening with OWS and that uprising is born of frustration and struggle of the common man and woman in America who’ve had enough of the crony capitalism and injustices. And because the common people are standing up they are ridiculed, mocked, slandered, and demonized!   And those who stand against this people’s movement claim that they are the “true patriots” when, in fact, it is the people standing up for themselves and against what is wrong that are the real Patriots!

The capitalists are not the patriots.


This nation was founded on the principles of power in the hands of the people not in the hands of a self styled elite few, the rich. Power must be returned to the hands of the ordinary people! Why should we continue to allow power to remain in the hands of the self appointed criminal elites? Why must We The People continue to be victims of the predatory rich in this country and the world?

Why should we not question, speak out,

and bring about change to correct these abuses?

Many claim to be “patriots” but they are not and they are not because they support the capitalist system which is a predatory economic system of lord vs serf.

The real patriots are the common people!

America was built on our backs! We The People are the ones who busted our asses to build this nation and what have we got for it? Serfdom! Enslavement! Injustice! That’s not what we wanted. That’s not the American Dream. That’s not what our forefathers had in mind!!

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