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What is American Nationalism?

What is American Nationalism?

 Of course you see the term “Nationalism” and you panic because you think of “Nazism” or “Communism.” That’s because you believe the LIES you’ve been told. Nationalism is NOT Nazism!! We do NOT advocate racism!! We advocate AMERICANISM! And we advocate the assimilation of legal immigrants into AMERICAN CULTURE! We are Americans and we have our OWN American culture and those who don’t like it can get the FUCK OUT! We don’t need any more traitors in our midst today!! We are NATIONALISTS and PROUD to be AMERICANS!!

Nationalism is the opposite of GLOBALIZATION (international finance capitalism). If our nation was under the political and economic system of Nationalism, American workers would not be losing their jobs due to the outsourcing of AMERICAN JOBS to foreign ASSHOLE countries like China, India, and others. Further, American industrial cities like Detroit would not be disintegrating and becoming fucking garbage piles like today, but would be vibrant and productive industrial cities providing JOBS for the American People.

There would be no such thing as the big international banks like AIG or Goldman Sachs. Our government would print our money and not the private CORRUPT bank called the Federal Reserve. Big box stores full of merchandise from China made through forced child labor would not exist. Instead of a globalized economy there would be a return of the independent AMERICAN economy! America would once again generate capital itself instead of depending on things like foreign investments. Our American financial system would be simple and straightforward and there would be no such thing as “derivatives” which have caused the economic collapse of our nation today. Once again our economy would be based on industry and education, and exports rather than imports.

Under Nationalism, Americans would once again be dependent on AMERICA and not foreign enemies like Communist China who have us by the BALLS! Our economy would once again be based on production, industry, technology, innovation, and export instead of finance, insurance, real estate, banking, prisons, casinos, and foreign investments because people would be investing in America! Our children and our people would be taught patriotism, civic duty, and responsibility both for self and others. There would be no dumbing down of our children and youth in our schools and colleges or anywhere else in our society.

Under a system of AMERICAN NATIONALISM our collective motto would be,


 instead of American last or not at all as it seems to be today!

Americans would be watching out for and taking care of America instead of relying on Communist Red China and the corrupt greedy globalist corporatists to do it for us! Americans would NOT be the identified enemy of government in the War on Terrorism. Instead, the real enemy would be the international terrorists who blew up our buildings in New York on 9/11. America would be standing up for AMERICA and FUCK the rest!! Under National Socialism, the Corporatists would not be running things, with all that that implies for both foreign and domestic policy. WE THE PEOPLE WOULD!!

Under a Nationalist system our rivers and oceans would not be dying or dead because of pollutants and poisons being pumped into them by the Corporations who care nothing for our environment or our lives. Our land would not be being turned into wastelands plagued by desertification but the land would be restored to its pristine state and man would learn to live in harmony with nature as a steward not as a destroyer!

The environmental and psychological causes of deadly diseases like cancer would be addressed and cured. Americans would be taught how to maintain health and how to stay healthy. And along with mainstream medicine, natural (alternative) medicine would be available to all Americans. Doctors and healers would be put back in charge of our healthcare instead of the globalist corporatists who run that industry today and PREY upon us for profit-at-ANY-cost. Under Nationalism our college students would not have to go into mega-debt to pay for their college educations. Debt like they now have that they will NEVER be able to payoff in their lifetimes!!

Under Nationalism, our cities would not be full of drunks and homeless people living in despair and without hope! There would be no such thing as multiculturalism, or political correctness, or affirmative action because it would all be AMERICA FIRST!! Schools would not be teaching our children and youth lies and how to be the mindless FUCKING serfs of the corporatists but how to be independent, productive, and responsible. We would not be seeing our First world country turned into a third world country right before our eyes as we are seeing today! In fact, it would be just the opposite and we’d be seeing America becoming STRONGER and more productive as we retake our RIGHTFUL place in the world as a LEADER and INNOVATOR not a follower!!

Most people today do not even know what Nationalism really is because they only believe the LIES they’ve been told by the fucking Corporatists who have stolen and now control almost everything in our Great Nation from the PEOPLE! Many have been taught that being patriots and being a nationalist is a bad thing but it is NOT! Our people have been taught the LIE that being a NATIONALIST is all about war, extermination, and racism. That is NOT so!

Mainstream historians LIE to us just like mainstream archeologists and politicians LIE to us because they are controlled by and paid for by the global corporatists who seek nothing short of the ruin of our nation and the destruction of the American People! These people never tell us the truth about anything! Most of the FUCKERS couldn’t tell the truth anymore if their FUCKING lives depended on it!! They lie and they spin their lies to fit into THEIR agendas. They spin their lies so that everything will benefit THEM not us!

Under the system of NATIONALISM we’d be teaching our children and youth how to grow up and become MEN and WOMEN instead of the CONFUSED WIMPS we have today! I saw a study not long ago that more of our young men aged 20-35 are still living at home with mommy and daddy instead of getting up off their ASSES and being MEN and forging their own way in the world! That is appalling! That is DISGUSTING! What the FUCK have we become MEN? Wimps? Sissified degenerates? Freaks? WTF?

You don’t learn to become a MAN unless a MAN teaches you how to be a MAN, period! But that’s the problem today. Our “men” are not teaching our youth to be MEN! Instead they are teaching them to be PC and all that SHIT and it has made and is making our AMERICAN MALES WEAK! I’m not talking about teaching our males to be “macho” or “gangsta’s.” I’m talking about teaching our youth to be MASCULINE MEN and WARRIORS! Yes WARRIORS and SOLDIERS! Soldiers in the FIGHT against the degenerating forces launched against us by the globalist corporatists who seek the full destruction of American culture and especially American MALE culture! The WARRIOR ETHOS is MAN! The WARRIOR ETHOS is what makes a boy into a MAN! The traditional and historical role of a MASCULINE MAN has been to be a Warrior and NO I don’t mean a slaughter or barbarian! There is a BIG difference between a barbarian and the NOBLE WARRIOR! A male must learn PRIDE and he must NOT be made ashamed of his INNATE MASCULINITY AND MANHOOD! He must be taught the WARRIOR ETHOS! He must be taught how to be a provider for his family and how to FIGHT against those forces in the world that seek to destroy him and his culture and pride! He must be taught what MASCULINITY and MANHOOD are and are not! He must not be made to feel ashamed of being a MASCULINE MALE, warrior, or SOLDIER! This too is a part of AMERICAN NATIONALISM!! And nothing is going to save our nation or our society from the bloody jaws of the globalist corporatists except NATIONALISM!!

This is what NATIONALISM is!


It is not our past. IT IS OUR FUTURE!!


Robert Viktor Reich

“An American Nationalist”

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