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America’s LACK of Creativity!

In “Things to Ponder” I said that the Nationalist State must facilitate an individual’s highest possible degree of his creative forces. I also said that the individual’s work of creativity must be used for the benefit of the community and that in this way creativity will be advanced and appreciated.


Sadly in present day America there is very little of this creativity that I spoke of. What they call art and sculpture today is absolute shit! It’s not creative at all in my opinion! In fact, most of it is absolute garbage! Shapeless forms and dull colors are not creativity.

People have often asked me just where are the heroes in American society today. They don’t see any. They’ve asked me why there are not great writers like Longfellow anymore or musicians like Bach or Mozart. It’s not only a problem in the US. It’s all over the world. It’s as if the great men and women have suddenly disappeared from the human race and we’re in some sort of DARK NEW AGE or something. Maybe we are and we just don’t know it yet.

Human societies have to be inspired and that inspiration can come through a variety of avenues. One of those avenues is art and sculpture. We can’t get inspired when something is dull and colorless! In fact such things un-inspire us! From what I understand in the Eastern bloc of the old East Germany when under Communist rule everything there was dull battleship gray and art was formless. It did nothing to inspire people, obviously. Well the Communists might have fallen but now we have this same dull gray and formlessness all over the world including in America!

In a truly enlightened and advanced society the State inspires the individual to the highest possible degree of creativity. It is encouraged especially in arts and sciences. And the creative work of the individual is then used to benefit the masses by inspiring them as well to bigger and greater things. This creativity is a hallmark of a truly advanced and enlightened human civilization. It is the mark of a Golden Age. Without it we are lost in a DARK AGE as we are now, I pretty much figure!

Creativity also comes through abstract ideas created by truly creative and wise individuals. These too must be valued when they fit into the betterment of the human community. In such a society, creative people are placed in prominent positions and are given notoriety so that they and their work or abstract ideas can INSPIRE others. This is what a truly NATIONALISTIC nation does! These creative people serve as living examples for the people as to what they can become.

I think we do have heroes in society today and we still have creative people as well. That’s not the problem. I think the problem is that in our present society we don’t honor or esteem our creative individuals and heroes. Instead we promote the ugly gray and formless shapes just like they did in East Germany.

In my opinion there’s no hope in a gray and shapeless society because there is no creativity and, thus, no inspiration to achieve more or to BE ALL YOU CAN BE! That’s where we are at in America today. Shapeless and Gray! And we wonder why anxiety and depression are the two biggest problems facing us today? Who the f—k can be happy and hopeful in such settings?

I say let the CREATIVE forces flow within us! Let it come out! No more holding back! Get those CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING! And let’s CHANGE things for real!!

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