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Super Congress FAILS!! Surprised?

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I’ve got to say a few things about this so called “Super Congress.” You know the one. The “special committee” made up of 6 democrats and 6 republicans with the president having the final vote if they come to a tie. This coming Wednesday is their deadline and if they don’t agree on budget measures then $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts begin to happen in 2013.

In the first place these pieces of SHIT in Congress created this pack of criminals with absolute disregard for the Constitution! Under the terms of this pack of criminals they present a bill to the larger Congress who then must either vote yes or no on it without discussion and without amending whatever the damned bill is. That’s a load of SHIT! This “super congress” is a flagrant slap in the face to our Constitution and is as ILLEGAL as F-CK! My question is just where in the F-CK is the outrage over this to begin with? What in the FUCK, yes I said F-U-C-K!, is wrong with the American people? We close our eyes to this, pretend it’s all ok, and by the HORSE SHIT Congress and Obama dished out about how this committee will make Congress more “efficient”? This “super congress” isn’t really about making Congress more efficient. It’s about SUBVERTING Congress and the American People! Does anyone in American get a FUCKING CLUE yet?

So this “super congress” is going to fail to agree by their deadline which is this Wednesday and today it was all over the Sunday TV talk show circuits. Apparently, the Bush tax cuts are the problem. Republicans want them extended and the Democrats don’t. So if they don’t agree by Wednesday then $1.2 trillion automatic cuts start to happen in 2013 and those cuts will happen mostly in discretionary and military spending cuts. And today all of these committee members were on the Sunday talk show talking about “hope.” LMFAO HOPE? From Congress that is nothing but a pack of 535 well known insider trading CRIMINALS? HOPE LOL? Un-f-cking believable! Also on the chopping block would be “entitlement programs” like medicare. And here I come to my point.

MEDICARE is NOT an entitlement program! The FACT is the workers in this nation have paid into it in the form of taxes taken out of every one of their paychecks. Since we’ve paid into Medicare it’s NOT an entitlement program! What bothers me is these insider trading criminals sitting in government try to make Medicare sound like Medicaid (welfare). You don’t pay into welfare! Medicaid is a government handout of something for nothing. Medicare is NOT. They also want to raise the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to something higher. What are we talking about here? Age 105? Don’t laugh! I wouldn’t put it past the SNAKES sitting in Congress at all! Fact is they raided Medicare funds long ago and they’re trying their best to keep their criminal tracks covered.

They are also talking on the “super committee” about reducing the cost of living adjustments for people on Social Security. Where have they been the past few years? Social Security recipients had no raise for 3 years! But this January they will get a small raise as the cost of living suddenly went up slightly. LOL right. It’s a BRIBE to vote for Obama! Anyone who thinks the cost of living didn’t go up for the past 3 years is a real f-cking DUMBASS!

Here’s my main point of writing this on this issue.

As a Nationalist and American I’m damned sick and tired of watching these criminals in government get away with everything! I am FUCKING sick of their lying to us constantly and scamming us constantly! Maybe they are fooling all of the morons in our midst but not people like me! And there are plenty of people out there who feel the SAME way I do. This super congress is one big SCAM! It might only be a committee of 12 but they’re playing the same old CON GAME with the public! We lose and they win. It’s time to TURN THAT AROUND AMERICA! Enough is a FUCKING ‘nough!!

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