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Pole Shift 2012?

2012 Pole Shift! Could it be? Some experts have been saying for a long while now that there is a pole shift coming around 2012 and, in fact, the magnet pole shift has already begun. Airports have had to change their runways because of the shifting magnetic pole. Some experts are now warning that the closer we get to 2012 the more chaotic the world’s weather will become and paying carbon taxes to Al Gore and his henchmen is not going to do one things to stop it. They say global warming alarmists have exploited the consequences of such a pole shift to their own political and monetary agenda’s benefit.

The most dramatic outcome of a polar shift could result in a flipping of the north and south poles. Experts estimate this only happens about every 1/2 million years or so but, as we all know, experts are not always experts or right! They estimate that our current poles have been in place for about the last 780,000 years and some experts are warning that we are overdue for such a polar flipping. They say that polar flips have been known to happen 50,000 years apart.

Such a polar shift would cause superstorms on the earth with winds as high as 300-400 mph! Such winds would totally destroy almost everything human society has built except maybe for the giant stone monoliths like the pyramids in Egypt and Central America. Our buildings made of steel and glass would surely be history if hit by such winds. Some experts believe that inbetween such flips, the magnetic field of the earth becomes weak and chaotic causing turbulence in the magnetic field. This turbulence can cause weaker gaps in the magnetosphere of the planet! Such magnetic weaknesses or gaps can allow outside influences such as solar flares to penetrate the atmosphere of Earth all the way down to the ground. Some researchers are already blaming the magnetic pole shift for the mass bird die offs around the world.

Experts say this shift in the magnetic poles does not happen overnight but happens gradually. Or so they think. Some believe that this pole shift is associated with the Mayan prophecy concerning 2012, December 21st.

At present the magnetic north pole is shifting towards Russia at about 40 miles per year, it is estimated.

Airports around the world have had to correct their runway coordinates to match sensitive airplane instruments that rely on magnetic north for guidance.

The earth is sensitive to the suns behavior and the sun affects our poles both north and south. We know from ice core samples that pole shift happens. That’s been confirmed by many scientists including those from the University of Indiana who have take ice core samples around the world. Further, we also know that sometimes this shifting of the poles is dramatic and happens very quickly! Ice core samples also prove that. And another thing that proves it is that we find wholly mammoths in the northern reaches of Siberia with buttercups still in their mouths and undigested in their stomachs. We also find fruit trees with fruit still on them as if they had been flash frozen. These plants and trees are only found in tropical regions or semi-tropical regions and since they are all flash frozen that tells us that the last polar shift was instant and dramatic! Some of the experts are making it all sound like there is nothing to worry about because it all happens slowly. They don’t want to cause panic. But, this slow happening is NOT what the evidence shows! In fact it shows just the opposite! First there is a magnetic pole shift and then there is a pole flipping or movement of some kind and it happens rather quickly.

It’s time to cut the shit! People on this planet have an absolute RIGHT to know the TRUTH and not to be lied to by these so called “experts” that have hidden agendas. Contrary to what they claim they are NOT watching out for our best interest, otherwise, they’d be telling us the truth! But they are not.

As for the Mayan prophecy speaking about the infamous date December 21, 2012 it does NOT predict the end of the world or of human existence. What it does say is that on that date the “gods” will return to dwell with man on the earth again. It also predicts many earth changes and pole shift may well be one of them. If the Mayans are right, and they have been in the past, then come December 2012 human life is not going to end but life as we know it today is going to be altered to some degree. It is wise to be prepared rather than be caught by surprise in anything.

Source: http://www.infowars.com/pole-shift-threatens-to-cause-weather-chaos/

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