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My Generation is Running Things! Ain’t it Grand?

I’ve been thinking about some things recently in terms of my generation, those before us, and those who have come after us. I grew up in the 1970s as a teenager and looking back at those years and my college years I’ve recently had what you might call a few “revelations.” I have to be honest here. My generation was “out to lunch” and just about all meals before and after. Even though we came after the hippies of the 60s we were, like them, mostly all about drugs, raw sex, and rock-n-roll. Yeah, the world was our playground and life was “suppose” to be all about having fun and being cool just like Elton John sings about in his song “Crocodile Rock.”

Mine was a mostly lazy generation growing up. We liked to go out and party almost every night and especially on Friday and Saturday nights and then sleep until noon the next day. We grew our hair long like the hippies of the 60s and jammed out to tunes 24/7. And the future? Hell we never thought about that because we thought we’d be forever young. We were a lazy generation and we expected ma and pop to foot the bill and when they didn’t we’d get mad and throw a tantrum and you’d never know we were teens because we acted like we were 5 year olds. Yes, it was paradise as long as someone else footed the bills. And work? Hell who wanted to work? Boring!

Today my generation is the “establishment.” At least they are part of it. And so is the generation that came after mine as is the now old hippies from the 60s. What a combination. Peace and love, age of Aquarius, drugs, raw sex, rock-n-roll, lazy, no real vision for the future, and every irresponsible. That was these generations back then and these generations now hold the reigns of power. And we wonder why our society and country is so messed up now? LOL wtf?

I have to admit that in the 70s I was proud of my generation but, today, I’m ashamed of my generation. Ashamed because we never let go of that laziness and expectation that someone else would always be there to foot the bill. Ashamed because we never really grew up and became responsible. I admit. My generation, among others, has played a big part in wrecking our nation, our society, and our economy. We were idiots in the 70s and we still are.

I’ve often wished that I could go back in time and do some things differently. I’d be much more responsible and I’d create and hold a vision of the future too. Instead of gliding through life I’d make more of an effort to be a part of it and engage it. And the drugs, sex, rock-n-roll? I wouldn’t be a part of that if I could go back in time. But that’s not possible. What is done is done and there is never any going back. Regrets? You bet! Many!

So, here we are in 2011 and my lazy unproductive generation holds some of the reigns of power as part of the “establishment.” Oh yes, we see the problems but, hell, we really don’t have any solutions and, frankly, we have no clue what to do. The sky is falling but we still believe everything will “be cool” and it will “all workout somehow.” But that’s the problem. It’s not cool and things are not working out. Our government is becoming more and more the police state with each passing day, our economy is tanking like the sinking Titanic, and society continues to come unraveled at almost supersonic speed. What the hell do we do about that? We have no clue.

I must admit one thing. Growing up in the 70s we had it made. Really made! Ma and Pa had dough and they bought us cool cars and trucks. Gas was cheap and they’d stop at nothing to get us those cool clothes we wanted to wear. And those stereo systems with 8-Tracks and big speakers? Hell man that was really cool and we spared no expense getting them either. Hey we thought we were cool and so so very smart. Problem today is many of us are realizing we are not so cool and, in fact, we really aren’t that smart either. Ma and Pa gave us just about anything we wanted and doing without never even entered our minds. Shit man, as far as we were concerned the world owed it all to us! And now we are running things! Ma and Pa are no longer there footing the bills and giving us what we wanted. We have to get up and go to work and there is no more sleeping until noon the next day. Now we have to work and support the wife and kids along with paying the bills. Shit! Where’s Ma and Pa? That’s their job isn’t it?

But there’s more. Oh yes much more. I grew up in the 70s in a moderate size town and for just about my entire life as a kid and teen I was MADE to go to church every Sunday morning almost without fail. I guess that was the unspoken condition I had to carry out to keep getting what I wanted. Well the church I was made to go to was a fundamentalist Southern Baptist church that liked to preach endlessly about the end of the world and the apocalypse. They so well indoctrinated me in that that I was certain I’d never live past age 30 because surely the world would end by then. I had no hope. No hope for a future. And neither did many others in my generation because we pretty much figured the world would be toast by age 30 at the latest. So why bother, we reasoned. Why bother to hope or build a life? Shit it was all going to be over anyway. Yeah, my generation was not only lazy and irresponsible but we were hopeless too. And now we are running things! That’s pretty scary when I sit and think about it.

Yep we are running things! The generation that was virtually handed everything on a silver platter. Aren’t we doing a fantastic job? Ma and Pa would be proud of us I’m sure as grandma and grandpa would be loading the shotgun to take us out! I’m pretty sure of that too as my grandparents thought my generation was pretty “worthless.”

Looking back I think we were given too much comfort with no real strings attached. Mom and Pop should have clamped down on us more and taught us what doing with out feels like. They shouldn’t have put up with our staying out all hours of the night and sleeping until noon the next day. They should have made us work and earn our way instead of footing the bill. They should have taught us to be responsible and, most of all, they should have taught us never but never to take anything for granted. But they didn’t and now we are running things and, honestly, my generation is partly to blame why things in our country are so screwed up right now! I admit it. Now what?

Now what? Frankly I don’t know and neither does anyone else in my generation because we really don’t have a clue. Hell man the world is suppose to be over by now. You know the apocalypse? But it ain’t happening! Now what?

I look back at us growing up in the 70s and I think was a bunch of losers and idiots we were and, frankly, it scares the hell out of me that my generation is now running things in this country and society. Yeah I pretty much think mine is one generation that should have never come of age. We were well indoctrinated into the concept of everyone doing their “own thing” and, hell, we didn’t see anything wrong with doing anything. Just as long as it felt good and we got some mileage out of it, that is. Man my generation was F—ked up and we still are! But, hey, now we are running things! We’ve carried our free spending, there is no money limit, lack of self control to the max! Why? Because we never learned anything any different. Because we never learned how to be responsible or frugal. We never learned what suffering was or what doing without was like. Shit that was for other people, not us!

We are running things! Now what?

That’s the billion dollar question I think. We’ve managed to screw things up pretty badly so now what do we do about it to fix it? Maybe it’s time my generation grows up. Maybe it’s time we gain some vision and hope. Maybe it’s time to realize that Ma and Pa aren’t there to foot the bill anymore because we now have to foot those bills.

In concluding my thoughts one more frightening thing dawned in my little warped mind. Physically my generation did grow up and we got married (or not) and had kids (always) of our own. And we raised those kids as if they were bothersome. Hell when video games and computers came along we saw them not as fantastic advances in technology but as automatic and almost free babysitters for our little rats. Hey, we were to busy living life and having FUN! We haven’t taught our kids one damned thing. In fact we put most of them on legal drugs to zone them out, calm them down. Down to the point of zombies! And now those kids are growing up and will soon be coming to run things and that’s absolutely horrifying! Zombie kids will be running things when my screwed up generation has finished. IF there is anything to run which, at this point, I doubt there will be.

Many in my generation grew up taking things for granted including our freedoms and democracy and we were really good at wrecking things but really sucked at building things. Now we are running things and we are still experts at wrecking things and building nothing. That’s sad really. That’s frightening for certain. Looking back I think my generation needed a really good ass whipping!

It’s hard to be hopeful when I look back at my generation. It’s hard to form a vision of prosperity. We were screwed up. My generation that came after the hippies of the 60s. We had all the wrong ideas put into our heads and we still hold most of all of those wrong ideas even today as we are running things. But, hey, we are running things and I’m sure we will finish things too. Mine is a generation of idiot with no vision and no sense of being responsible. You don’t really think we are going to save anything do you? Hell we aren’t the generation of saviors because we are the generation in need of salvation! Yeah, we are running things………..right off into the abyss!



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