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Christians May Be Potential TERRORISTS

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Bible Believing Christians May Be “Potentially Dangerous” !!


Robert V. Reich

Alex Jones have something up on his website that very much disturbs me. It’s an artlicle from “The American Dream” website listing 30 signs the US is being turned into one big prison. You can find the article on at:

The item I find most disturbing (among all others listed) is item #26 which says the following:

#26 Certain “types” of American citizens are being labeled as potential threats in official U.S. Government documents. An unclassified Department of Homeland Security report published a couple of years ago entitled “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” claims that a belief in Bible prophecy “could motivate extremists individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition, and weapons.” The report goes on to state that such people are potentially dangerous.

 So Christians who believe in the Bible and, specifically, those who believe in Bible prophecy (which is most Christians) are “potentially dangerous”? If I remember correctly DHS released another report that claimed returning US soldiers and police officers are also “potentially dangerous.” So now they are adding Christians to the list. That’s OUTRAGEOUS!! How about adding radical Muslim young males who like to shout “death to America”? Are they on the list of “potentially dangerous” people? I’m specifically talking the “certain types” like crashed planes into the WTC and Pentagon killing 3000 innocent people.

It’s funny but after 911 we seemed to know who the enemy was and today we don’t. Today for some reason it is the American people that are the designated enemies of the state. How is that? Why is our government so paranoid? What are they doing that they need to be so paranoid about? NONE of the 911 terrorists were US citizens. NONE were from Iraq or Afghanistan. They were ALL from that great pal of ours called Saudi Arabia! So why have American citizens now been designated as possible terrorists when we know who the REAL terrorists are already? Our police? Our military? Now Bible believing Christians? These are NOT the terrorists! If I didn’t know better I’d swear that our government might be one of the real terrorists. Read more…


The American Warrior Ethos !!

The American Warrior Ethos


Robert Viktor Reich

In “What is American Nationalism?” I said:

Under the system of NATIONALISM we’d be teaching our children and youth how to grow up and become MEN and WOMEN instead of the CONFUSED WIMPS we have today! I saw a study not long ago that more of our young men aged 20-35 are still living at home with mommy and daddy instead of getting up off their ASSES and being MEN and forging their own way in the world! That is appalling! That is DISGUSTING! What the FUCK have we become MEN? Wimps? Sissified degenerates? Freaks? WTF?

 You don’t learn to become a MAN unless a MAN teaches you how to be a MAN, period! But that’s the problem today. Our “men” are not teaching our youth to be MEN! Instead they are teaching them to be PC and all that SHIT and it has made and is making our AMERICAN MALES WEAK! I’m not talking about teaching our males to be “macho” or “gangsta’s.” I’m talking about teaching our youth to be MASCULINE MEN and WARRIORS! Yes WARRIORS and SOLDIERS! Soldiers in the FIGHT against the degenerating forces launched against us by the globalist corporatists who seek the full destruction of American culture and especially American MALE culture! The WARRIOR ETHOS is MAN! The WARRIOR ETHOS is what makes a boy into a MAN! The traditional and historical role of a MASCULINE MAN has been to be a Warrior and NO I don’t mean a slaughter or barbarian! There is a BIG difference between a barbarian and the NOBLE WARRIOR! A male must learn PRIDE and he must NOT be made ashamed of his INNATE MASCULINITY AND MANHOOD! He must be taught the WARRIOR ETHOS! He must be taught how to be a provider for his family and how to FIGHT against those forces in the world that seek to destroy him and his culture and pride! He must be taught what MASCULINITY and MANHOOD are and are not! He must NOT be made to feel ashamed of being a MASCULINE MALE, WARRIOR, or SOLDIER! This too is a part of AMERICAN NATIONALISM!! And nothing is going to save our nation or our society from the bloody jaws of the globalist corporatists except NATIONALISM!!

This is what NATIONALISM is! This is what AMERICAN NATIONALISM is! It is not our past. IT IS OUR FUTURE!!

So what is the WARRIOR ETHOS? Let us begin with what a warrior is NOT.

A warrior is not a barbarian. He is not a man who roams to and fro slaughtering others indiscriminately. He is not a man who is ruthless or void of compassion. He is not a man who is filled with egotism or selfishness. He is not one who is unjust nor is he one who walks around acting like he’s some sort of wannabe gangsta! He is not a man who is ashamed of his natural manhood or innate masculinity. He is not a man who seeks to steal from others or con people.

So just what is a WARRIOR who follows the WARRIOR ETHOS?

In fact, the masculine warrior is just the opposite of what I’ve said above. He is a civilized man with respect for life, especially human life. Yet, at the same time he stands up and fights back against his true enemies seen or unseen. He is a man of compassion and justice, yet he is also a man who is strong and decisive. He is a man with PRIDE but not full of egotism. He is a MASCULINE man and not a macho man because he knows machoism is a mask some wear to hide their insecurities about their own manhood and masculinity. The masculine soldier is self-LESS not selfish! He has PRIDE in his natural manhood and innate masculinity. He is a voice for the weak and for those who have no voice! He is one who is thankful that his Creator has created him a man and soldier! Instead of plundering the weak man, the warrior will take the weak man and teach him how to be a strong man and soldier as he himself is! He preys on no one! Plundering the weak and infirm are foreign to him and to his values which he has internalized into himself from the Warrior Ethos! And, finally, he is an intelligent man with common sense. He is not an idiot! He educates himself and he educates others and he is a truly NOBLE MAN and WARRIOR!

This is the WARRIOR ETHOS! This is the traditional and historical role of a masculine man! This is what American males MUST become today so that they might STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK against those forces in the modern world that seek to destroy him, our nation, and our American culture!

Let’s be clear. America and Americans are under attack today by forces that are formidable and organized. This WAR is being waged on our nation and people by the international globalists who are the corporatists that are seeking world dominance and empire! They know that their plans for global conquest cannot stand for as long as Americans are standing in the way so they’ve launched a major attack against our nation and American society. It’s nothing new! It’s been going on for at least the past 50 years! Look at what the destruction has been in those past 50 years at the hand of this war.

We’ve seen the wholesale destruction of our religion, historical values, and history. We’ve seen a gross decline in American morals and destruction of common sense! More and more of us have been forced to live paycheck to paycheck. We are losing our homes, cars, savings, and just about everything else we have and ending up in the streets! Our youth have been taught that they are nothing but mindless drones born to serve the corporate elites! FUCK they’ve been taught that they are not even human at all but SUB HUMAN in some cases! Americans have not only been dumbed down but we’ve also been demoralized and demonized! We’ve been taught NOT to believe in ourselves and that we are really worthy of nothing! We’ve been taught to think of ourselves as weak and as simple consumer machines. We’ve been taught to be irresponsible and stupid FUCKS! It’s time to take a STAND and STAND up for America and stand with PRIDE for being an AMERICAN!

And one of the greatest assaults against America has been the wholesale destruction of the American MALE! Look at what we see on television and in movies today. Males are portrayed as FUCKING STUPID PRICKS who are mindless and buffoons! We are portrayed as being creatures who cannot do anything right. We are portrayed as being weak and PC sissified! FUCKING BALLESS in other words! This portrait is NOT the American MALE! This portrait is something foreign to us!

And why have the global corporatists attacked our Males? Because they know that traditionally the American male has been a WARRIOR! These FUCKING BASTARDS knew they could NOT defeat us in war on a battlefield so they’ve waged as psychops war against the American MALE to DEBALL us and make us FUCKING WEAK! The American MALE must RETURN to his traditional and historical WARRIOR MASCULINITY! If not, then our nation will not survive and neither will the world because the ONLY thing standing but us and the TYRANNY of the globalists is US!


 No more of the balless weak willed bullshit! No more excuses! All of us must grow the FUCK up someday and TODAY is better than none! It’s time to STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK against the fucking PRICKS who seek to destroy us, our American culture, and our manhood! No more shit!

NO FEAR!! We are on a mission. A mission to save our American Republic and our American MANHOOD! It’s time to force the masses in America awake! It’s time to move them into ACTION! It’s time to fight the enemy with his own weapons! It’s time for an American VICTORY not a defeat!

The 6th Century Chinese General Sun Tzu said,

 “Victorious warriors win FIRST and then go to war!”

 That means VICTORY is first one in you mind before being won on any battlefield seen or unseen. Unless we begin to win the victory in our own minds first and RESIST the BULLSHIT being waged against us by the globalists we will be defeated and our nation and people will be no more. Victory begins in the MIND! Read more of what Sun Tzu the Warrior had to say at the link below because his wisdom is our guidebook to VICTORY!


Manhood! Manliness! Courage and Valor! Justice, Wisdom, Faith, and Fidelity! Self Control, Selflessness, and Self Discipline! Prowess in any Battle! These too are the things that make up the WARRIOR ETHOS!

And here’s something else that is a BIG part of the Warrior Ethos. It’s called BROTHERHOOD! Men must come to feel a kinship for each other once again. Prior to 50 years ago men felt this sense of brotherhood and bonding and they were not homophobic like men are today! Men trusted eachother and bonded with eachother unafraid of being called perverts. Bonding with other men is a part of being a masculine man and SOLDIER-WARRIOR! We absolutely MUST be BROTHERS AGAIN!!

This is the WARRIOR ETHOS!

Things to Ponder….

Things to Ponder


Robert Viktor Reich

The Nationalist State must facilitate the individual’s highest possible degree of his creative forces.  And the individual’s work of creativity must be used for the benefit of the community.  Only in this way can creativity be advanced and appreciated.

Creative inventions of the individual, be they material or abstract ideas, must be valued when they fit into the concept of Nationalism and the Nationalist State.

Creative people should be placed into prominent positions in Nationalist culture to serve as living examples for the community of the people so he or she can benefit all and just not a select few.

Men and women of brains must be held up as examples of what one must strive to become.  Common sense and intellect must be valued by the whole society in the Nationalist State.  Those who are of substandard intellect and void of creative thinking should not be held up as examples or heroes in the community for their work is not yet accomplished when it comes to common sense and intellect.

Common sense must be valued, taught, and promoted!  Otherwise the society becomes a society of idiots and morons!

People must be taught to have reverence for nature.  They must be taught that humankind is a part of nature.  That we were given STEWARDSHIP and GUARDIANSHIP over nature and not dominion free to rape and pillage nature as our own desires dictate.

A solvent national and independent economy must be preserved and never allowed to fall into the hands of the globalist corporatist who has no sense of Naitonalism or Patriotism!

Workers must have rights so that they do not become the pawns and slaves of the business owners.  Wages should be fair and at such a level as where the worker can live on them without subsistence from a welfare state.

The welfare state is a state of disaster!  Of course, the state should help those in need but only temporarily.  A person should NOT be allowed to become wholly dependent on the state for his/her daily means of living and survival.  The state, while aiding the disadvantaged, must teach the worker a trade, educate him, give him work experience so he can become self sustaining and self supporting.  Welfare should be temporary not permanent!  The concept of welfare to work, works best both for the individual and the state.  Dependency on the state only serves to demoralize the individual and destroy his hope for achievement and success.

People must be inspired by leaders who have charisma and intellect.  By leaders who know how to speak strongly and when to speak softly.  A true leader must inspire the people!  A true leader must give his people hope!  He must motivate them to aspire to higher and higher achievements!  To become greater and greater successes!

A true leader will treat his people as his own children with strength and with compassion.  And when he does this he inspires their loyalty to him and to the Nationalist State and community.  Then, the people will follow him even into the deepest valleys and onto the highest mountains!

You cannot cure any sickness without knowing and addressing the cause!  To treat any sickness without confronting and resolving the cause is to only treat symptoms.  Alleviating symptoms does not alleviate the cause of the sickness!  This is true whether the sickness be a physical one, an economic one, a social one, a political one, or any other sickness a people face!

A Nationalistic people must chart their own destiny and future!  They cannot allow their destiny or future as a people to be dictated to them from outside of their own Nationalist State and Society!

Since the leadership of our destinies have mostly been charted for us by the global corporatists we cannot assume that everything we see in our detiorating nation today is the fault of We The People.  Yes, we are responsible in part!  But only in part!  Our responsibility for this lies in are allowing the global corporatists and our corrrupted politicians to chart our futures for us when we should have been keeping a watchful eye on them and throwing out those who are the traitors to We The People!  But, instead, we ignored them and slept and YES that is OUR fault!  So let us not wallow in this!  Let us CORRECT our fault and start doing what we must do to bring our Great Nation back to Nobleness and Greatness and make our people Great again!  Tears solving nothing!  Only corrective action achieves anything!

The globalist corporatists are bent on global economic conquest, first, and then on global military conquest, second.  Their ultimate aim is to enslave the masses!  To turn us into their serfs who are slaves to their bidding and desires!  We must NOT stand for this!  We MUST fight this!  The globalist corporatists and locked into their own madness!  Their logic is ice cold and void of any human compassion or justice!  These are the monsters among us!  These are the demons of old!!

A nation’s true STRENGTH lies not in weapons but in its WILL!!  Victory is first achieved in the mind then on the battlefield.  So the first task is to assert the people’s Will and to achieve the victory within ourselves.  The enemy within must first be conquered!

What has defeated us?  Our common history reflects that we have been defeated by our enemies within our own camp and by our own vices and ignorance!

The American people must have LIBERTY!  The worker must not be excluded from the Nationalist society but he must be reintergrated into the national framework as a way to achieve this LIBERATION.  The worker must be valued highly!

What is the nature of the problem of no jobs in our society today?  Let us be clear!  The American worker is at the mercy of the capitialist who are the globalist corporatists and it is they who now control all of the means of production and the American worker is now being forced to sell his or her own power of work and productivity for the LOWEST wage!  That is unjust!!  This is why so many Americans feel unworthy and as outcasts from society!  And our present politicians tolerate this as if it were nothing!  Why?  Becuase they are the lackeys of the globalist corporatists!  This MUST change!!

Most Americans today have become second class citizens because the global corporation and banks have been handed first class citizenship in the name of Greed and Corruption!  This must be changed back around!  Our nation is our people!  Our nation must be made about our PEOPLE again instead of the corporatists and their greed!

We must all widen our perspective and gain a new and larger vision of things.  We cannot be like horses with blinders or act as if we only see down the long dark tunnel.  We must expand our vision!  We must see that our true enemies are not other patriots but the international corporatists who seek the destruction of America and American society.

Let us make no mistake about this.  When I speak of the corporatists I am NOT speaking of the small business owner.  I am speaking of the grandiose corporation that is NOT the same as the small business owner in America.  It is the small business that must be allowed to thrive again because it is the small business that creates the MOST jobs for Americans and not the corporation!  But the way it is now is small business is being suffocated by laws and regulations from government.  The tables must be turned!  The noose around the neck of small business MUST be cut!!

The corporation must be persuaded to act in the best interest of society and if they cannot be persuaded then they must be FORCED by the State to act in the best interest of the society!!  If this means nationalization then so be it!!

We must somehow keep our economy independent of interational globalism without eliminating capitalism altogether.  Pure socialism would destroy our economy.  Communism would devastate it for all time to come!  We must have private ownership of business if at all possible.  There has to be some sort of financial market where they can raise capital but that market must not be one based on greed and corruption.  But these financial markets must not be allowed to dominate and takeover the economy.  We must have entrepreneurs but not speculators!

Everyone must work for the common national good and purpose.  Corporations must not be allowed to destroy people’s lives and savings so they can make a profit.  In the Nationalist State it is the people, business, corporations, and government that all must be onboard the same ship of purpose and vision!

Globalism and the international financial system are no one’s friend!  We must find some way to control it and move on with America!

Let’s face it!  Our American nation today is hopelessly broke and bankrupt!  Let’s stop making excuses and pretending like it is not so!  No one knows this more than the American people themselves!  Our national debt is literally swallowing us alive!  America can no longer afford to continue to be a welfare state!  We can no longer continue to allow our debt to mount.  We must have firm spending controls in place NOW!  It’s getting to the point to where a wheelbarrow full of dollar bills is soon not even going to buy us a loaf of bread.  The Treasury is living on barrowed money and barrowed time and that means government is doing the same.  Huge numbers of savings, homes, and farms have been lost and swallowed up by the globalists.  Jobs have disappeared at alarming rates!  What this has been is a wholesale slaughter of America and our economy!  Savings, businesses, farms, ranches, and industries have all been wiped out before our very eyes!  We stand today in the midst that the “scholars” say is a recession but really it is a DEPRESSSION!  We have become nothing short of the DEBT SLAVES to international lenders like Communist China!  This MUST change NOW!

Our money is issued by the PRIVATE bank called the Federal Reserve.  We have a US Treasury Department that is just as capable of printing and issueing our own money!  So let the Treasury print our own money and, thus, thwart the plans of the globalists!

Our nation’s infrastructure is a mess and must absolutely be repaired and modernized.  We need a massive public works program put into place immediately not only to fix this but to give Americans JOBS!  We can repair and modernize our flood control systems across this great nation.  We can reapair and modernize roads, bridges, cananls, ports, and homes.  Workers can be paid in money printed by the Treasury instead of that issued by the Federal Reserve and our money will be as valid as the Feds except it will be worth MUCH MORE!  That new currency will be based not on gold or magic numbers but on work and labor!  Every new American dollar (or whatever we are going to call it) would require the equivalent of a dollar’s worth of work done or good produced.  Workers can then spend this currency on goods and services which, in turn, will create even more JOBS for AMERICANS!

We must NOT strive for low unemployment.  We MUST strive for FULL EMPLOYMENT of all Americans!!

America must become INDEPENDENT once again!  We must produce our own food, drink, materials, goods, steel, oil, defense weapons, clothing, and everything else!  We must not depend on imports!  WE must once again become a nation of EXPORTS and we must be the leader in EXPORTS to the world!

Congress and Washington are badly in need of a overhaul.  Government needs to be streamlined because it is too massive.  Departments like the EPA and DOE need to be eliminated and their work can be absorbed in other departments.  Large government is inefficient.  Smaller streamlined government is needed.  We don’t need a full time Congress!  Having a part time Congress will do just as well and better!  We don’t need a bicameral legislature either.  A unicameral legislature will work so I propose getting rid of the House and keeping the Senate.  Instead of having 2 Senators from each state we can increase that to having 4 Senators from each state bringing the total to 200.  This will enable us to keep a more watchful eye on Congress and shrink the massive room we have right now for corruption with 535 Congressmen and Senators.  All we need is a Senate!  We also need to establish TERM LIMITS so these people don’t make a career out of being in the Senate.  Their pay should also be cut in half and they should be allowed to hold regular jobs like all other Americans in their own states and communities so they truly know what the will of the people is.  Serving in the Senate should be a service, not a lifelong career.  Further, these people need to do most of their own work and that means shrinking the budget for their staffs as well.  Why do we have to pay for their staff?  They can pay for their own!

No exceptions for Congress!  They must abide by the SAME rules and laws that all the rest of us do!  No special privileges!  They are public servants not overlords!

Eliminate the federal income tax and replace it with a national sales tax that applies to everyone.  We can add a “wealth tax” for those earning more than $500K annually and a “corporate tax” for corporations, in addition.

One of the most important duties of government is to protect its citizens and that means secure borders.  We need to double the size and budget of the Border Patrol and place military troops on the border to further help them secure our borders.  All illegals will be arrested and sent back to where they come from.  We can streamline the legal immigration process for foreign workers and for the path to citizenship at the same time.  Our borders MUST be made secure!

Finish the war in Afghanistan and Iraq!  These two wars have drained our economy and manpower.  Either leave or bomb the fuck out of the Taliban and al Qaeda and then leave but it MUST end!

Our people are drugged out!  Drugs kill brain cells!  The war on drugs MUST be a serious war to stop illegal drug use and sales!  We need stiff penalities for users and rehab needs to be mandatory.  As for dealers, we need stiffer penalities and major prison time.  The strike 2 or strike 3 plan will work just fine.  Get them off the streets and out of society!!  A nation on drugs cannot function or be productive, period!

It’s time to break our dependence on Arab oil and tell them to go to hell.  America needs to become energy self sufficient.  That means producing some of our own oil.  We can buy the rest from Canada and Mexico which should be our two closest allies!  The Arabs have gotten rich off of us.  It’s time we make our own people and true friends rich!

Slap tariffs on all imports especially those from China!

American achievers and innovators need to be rewarded for their achievements and innovations.  It’s time for America once again to be the LEADER not the follower!

We cannot be and will not be the policeman of the world.  It’s time we take care of our own and our allies first!

Get the hell OUT of the fucking UN!!  Confiscate their buildings in NYC and throw these corrupt globalists the fuck out of our country!  No more taxpayer dollars to them and declare null and void all agreements and treaties signed with them.  We don’t want their one world government and they are not going to use our soldiers as their canon fodder to do their bidding!

No more massive amounts of foreign aid to nations that are not our real friends!

Enforce our laws instead of trying to subvert them all of the time!

When we go to war, plunder the enemy!  No more of this shit of bombing the hell out of them and then rebuilding their fucking nations better than they were before.  Bomb them and leave them!  If they want us to rebuild their fucking nations then they must become one of our states or territories and surrender their national sovereignty!  Otherwise, FUCK THEM!  That’s WAR people!!

Teach our children American History, World History, Civics, Basic Economics, and give them skills they can use in the real world for doing a job.  Enough of the ivory tower bullshit that serves them and us no real productive purpose!

Enforce our sedition and treason laws!  We cannot allow traitors in our midst to grow more and more dangerous.  It is those very traitors that have brought our nation to the brink of ruin today!  Time to take them out and throw their fucking sorry asses in a federal prison!

Government MUST live on a balanced budget!  No more free and endless spending.  No more debt!

Pay off the debt with our new US Treasury printed money.  That new money will be worth twice what a current dollar is.  If our debtors won’t take our money then FUCK THEM!  For example, if one dollar is worth 50 cents the make the new money worth double that which would make the new money worth $1.  When a dollar is worth $1 then the new currency would be worth double which would make it worth $2.  The dollar would eventually be faded out as the new currency is used more and more.  The new currency will NOT be traded on the markets.  Government will set the value of the new currency based on work and production in America.

No lifetime appoints for any judges!  Set term limits on them all.  No more making law from the bench.

Increase the power of the president and executive branch so this nation can get things done quickly and efficiently and make the reforms we need happen!  I’m NOT talking about making him a dictator.  I am talking about making it so the president can lead efficiently and do whatever must be done to restore our nation and economy!

Increase the term of the president from 4 years to 6 or 8 years and continue to allow him to hold 2 terms in office.

Form a true and just national healthcare insurance system and eliminate private insurance.  Private insurance is ran by lawyers and accountants.  Make the national healthcare program be run by DOCTORS!  Everyone would pay a yearly premium to the new healthcare national insurance system.

Form a new cabinet department called something like the National Police Administration and eliminate the DHS.  Put the FBI under the new department and create a national police force that will be used to help state and local police as well as our Border Patrol.

Restore the military draft!  It makes boys into men!  It should be a civic duty again to serve in the military for at least 2 years in ones lifetime in defense of our country.

Reform campaign laws so that a common citizen has a real chance of running for public office and winning!  The common people need to be involved in government that is now taken over by the rich!
NO more corporate donations to candidates!  NO more lobbyists “gifts” or “contributions.”

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