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It’s Time to be a Winner!

“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself,

you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles;

if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself,

you will win one and lose one;

if you do not know your enemies nor yourself,

you will be imperiled in every single battle.

(Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

 Sun Tzu’s premise is that if we don’t know our enemy and we don’t know ourselves then we can pretty much count on losing almost every battle we become engaged in. This is not only true in the larger world but it is also true in our own personal lives.

In terms of the larger world, in my mind, there are not one but two primary enemies. Of course the first of those enemies are terrorists such as al Qaeda and other radical groups who seek to terrorize the world population with the use of guns and bombs. The second of those enemies is what some call the New World Order who are also radical and who seek to terrorize the world population with the use of economics. No matter what their weapons of choice both groups are terrorists in my mind. They terrorize people and seek to destroy with the only real difference being their weapons of choice. One group does it through use of weapons while the other group does it by using economic weapons.

After 9/11 we had a clear idea of who the first enemy was. Radical young Muslim males. We seem not to have such a clear concept of this enemy any longer. That’s why the TSA is strip searching grandma at the airport and this is also why Homeland Security has designated retired police officers, former military, and Bible believing Christians as “potentially dangerous.” Our concept of this type of enemy seems confused and uncertain. It seems that we now have a policy of appeasement when it comes to this enemy which is not working and which is not going to work as appeasement never works. We do not understand this enemy.

Regarding the other enemy who uses economics we don’t know that enemy either and, again, we seem to have a policy of appeasement. We do not seem to have a clear idea about this enemy either. This enemy whom some call the New World Order is composed of global bankers and international corporatist. These people are busy manipulating global economies to their own advantage without scruples. They already have billions of dollars but that isn’t enough for them because they are driven by their incredible and psychotic egos. And, as we all should know, ego is never satisfied. When it comes to the human ego something more is always required to make us feel good and successful.

The first group is motivated by self righteousness and radical religion while the second is motivated by greed, corruption, and egotism. Yet, both are terrorists as both employ methods of terrorism to achieve their goals. The only difference between the two is, as I stated, the choice of weapons. Sadly, we do not know either enemy and that in conjunction with not knowing ourselves spells bad news for all of us and for our nation.

Many people today do not know themselves. Many have come to believe that life has no real purpose and that basically our purpose is to be consumer machines and mindless droids serving the greed of our corporate overlords. We have become not only mindless but weak and fearful as a result. We’ve become dumbed down and drugged out. We see little to no hope for anything and we are so engrossed in materialism that we have lost sight of our true natures and true purposes in life. We simply do what we are manipulated into doing and usually without question. We live our lives out on auto-pilot and when we steer into the side of the mountains of life and crash we just can’t figure out why or how that happened. We have become like a herd of buffalo. We have developed the herd mentality and when the leader of the herd is driven off the cliff and into the ravine we just follow along, blindly, yet we can’t for the life of us figure out just how such a disaster happened. No, we aren’t real bright anymore.

On a personal level we don’t know ourselves and we are fearful of ourselves and we don’t know the enemy either on this level. We fail to see that the enemy here is all of the gross materialism that we wallow and drowned in and we fail to see the enemies of self degradation, hopelessness, and fear. Most of us have failed to identify these things as our enemies and those who have fail to understand them. Again, we don’t know ourselves and we don’t know the enemy and yet we just can’t figure out why we keep losing life’s battles. Sun Tzu’s premise proves truer than true on the level of our personal lives and in the larger picture of global events. We have become a planet of the blind and a planet of the ignorant and, fact is, most of us are losing the battles on both levels.

The 18th century imperial Russian field marshal, Alexander Suvorov, once said, “Too much comfort bring too little courage.” Let’s face the truth in this. Western society, in particular, has become a grossly decadent society, a fat and lazy society. We have far too much comfort and the end result of that is we also have too little courage. That’s why we are constantly at a loss to know what to do about people like al Qaeda and the ego driven global bankers and corporatist. That’s why we wring our hands constantly and fret over the bully in the workplace or at school who has become our nemesis instead of kicking his ass! We have no courage and we are too afraid to kick his ass. Instead we fret and whine over it and want nanny government to somehow protect us from our nemesis. We need to lose some of our comforts and start mustering up some courage. We need to come to know ourselves and our enemies on a societal and personal level so instead of losing our battles we can start winning them. If we don’t do that then we might as well hang it up because the human race and our personal lives are over. Spinelessness is not the way to go. And neither is appeasement!

You can try to appease the enemy all day long but it is not going to work. Appeasing an enemy only emboldens him more. When an enemy sees that you are trying to appease him he comes to realize that you are afraid of him and once he figures that out he will stop at nothing to further terrorize and intimidate you. Appeasement does not make things better. Appeasement makes things worse. The current appeasement policy of the Obama administration when it comes to terrorist might be working in the short run but in the long wrong we will come to fully realize it is a huge mistake. The same will hold true on the personal level. Appease fear will only bring about more fear in the long run. Appeasing weakness and ignorance will prove in the end to bring about only more weakness and more ignorance. Weakness must be made strong not appeased. Ignorance must be educated not appeased. Fear must be confronted and conquered by whatever means necessary not appeased.

Sun Tzu’s premise is proven true over and over again but most of us still don’t get it and most of us still can’t figure out why we are losing in life and why we are also losing on a societal level. We don’t know the enemy and we don’t know ourselves. Because of that we are not winning and we are not going to win most of our battles. Life is a struggle. Life is a battleground. Sorry to disappoint all of you people out there that think life is a fun filled vacation. It’s not! It’s a warzone. A battlefield! A struggle. And if you don’t engage in that battle then you lose! That’s why the world, especially in western society, we have so many losers. We don’t engage in the battle but try to avoid it because we are way too comfortable and lack courage to do so. What must be realized is that we absolutely must stop being too comfortable and start mustering up some courage before the enemy plunders us to no end. This is so both on a societal and personal level.

Somewhere along the course of our personal and collective lives we must come to know ourselves and when we do we will then begin to win some of the battles that we face. And the point we must come to eventually as a society and in our personal lives is knowing both ourselves and our enemy because once we come to that point we will begin to win far more of the battles than lose them as we are now. In fact, once we come to the point of knowing both our enemies and ourselves we will put ourselves on the road to victory instead of continuing down the road of defeat that we are on today.

The fact of the matter is that we must not only know ourselves but we also must believe in ourselves. Sadly, most of us in the west do not today. That’s why we are busy looking for someone to save us. That’s how Barack Obama got into the White House. We thought he would save us from all of our woes but he’s proven not to be our “savior.” In fact, he’s proven to be one big disappointment for most people today and the world. We shouldn’t be looking for a savior. We should be believing in ourselves and our abilities as human beings. We should be coming to know the enemy and ourselves. Only by this will we begin to win the big battles that loom over all of us instead of constantly losing them.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of all of the losses. I’m tired of our country and society losing more than we win. I’m tired of being manipulated and played for stupid by this New World Order shit at the hands of the psychotically egotistical, greedy, and corrupt global bankers and corporatist. I’m tired of seeing great economies being manipulated and pillaged and I’m tired of watching our Constitutional civil rights being whacked away little by little. Personally, I’ve given up some of my comforts and I’m giving up more because I have found Suvorov’s maxim to be true. Too much comfort DOES create too little courage! Truth is, LESS comfort brings MORE courage and that’s the route I’ve chose to take in my own life. I want more courage, not less, because I want to be a winner in life and not a loser. And I’m educating myself about the enemies we face so I can know the enemy. And along with that I’m coming to know myself because I want VICTORY not defeat! I would hope that all of you do the same. We are living in dark times and these are times that require courage, knowing the enemy, and knowing ourselves IF we are to be victorious. Yet, sadly, I see the numbers growing daily of mindless, zoned out, ignorant, drugged out, droids. When I see them I see them as the losers and defeated in life. I see them as those who have given up and surrendered to the enemy and mostly without even a fight at all. That’s sad. Real sad!

Be it on a societal or personal level if you want to be victorious and start winning instead of losing then give up some of your comfort so you can start learning how to be courageous instead of weak and fearful. Study the enemy! Whoever or whatever that enemy is. Knowing the enemy means having knowledge about him or it. It means dispelling the clouds of mystery that surround him or it. Knowledge is power. Come to know yourself if you want to start being a winner instead of a loser. Realize that you are a human being with a mind and soul and that you are NOT some mindless ignorant droid whose purpose in life is to serve the corporate elite! Realize your life has real purpose and it is NOT to be a serf to this New World Order shit!!

Let me let all of you reading this on to a little secret. Do you know what every bully fears? Do you know what fear, fears most? Do you know what the global bankers and corporatist New World Order fears more than anything else? Do you know what darkness actually runs away from? An EMPOWERED human being! A human being who realizes himself or herself as NOT being a mindless droid. A human being who is courageous and who believe in his or herself. A human being who is not looking for any savior because he/she has already found that savior WITHIN their own selves! A courageous human being who knows both the enemy and themselves. That is what our enemies fore most. That’s when they turn tail and run like the scared DOGS that they are! That is the kind of person you NEED to become starting right now because it is the only way you and we are going to start WINNNING and stop losing!

Life is not only a struggle but is a battleground. That’s why I love Sun Tzu, Suvorov, and some of the other great military leaders of history. Because we can take their maxims and apply them not only on a societal level but on a personal level and make them applicable in and for our own lives in this 21st century. The sooner we all wake up and realize that we are in a warzone fighting a battle, the sooner we begin to win. I am a Soldier and Warrior! You are too. Isn’t it about time you start acting like it? Isn’t it about time you stop losing and start winning? The choice is yours.

 Robert V. Reich






Christians May Be Potential TERRORISTS

Commentary & Opinion:

Bible Believing Christians May Be “Potentially Dangerous” !!


Robert V. Reich

Alex Jones have something up on his website that very much disturbs me. It’s an artlicle from “The American Dream” website listing 30 signs the US is being turned into one big prison. You can find the article on at:

The item I find most disturbing (among all others listed) is item #26 which says the following:

#26 Certain “types” of American citizens are being labeled as potential threats in official U.S. Government documents. An unclassified Department of Homeland Security report published a couple of years ago entitled “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” claims that a belief in Bible prophecy “could motivate extremists individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition, and weapons.” The report goes on to state that such people are potentially dangerous.

 So Christians who believe in the Bible and, specifically, those who believe in Bible prophecy (which is most Christians) are “potentially dangerous”? If I remember correctly DHS released another report that claimed returning US soldiers and police officers are also “potentially dangerous.” So now they are adding Christians to the list. That’s OUTRAGEOUS!! How about adding radical Muslim young males who like to shout “death to America”? Are they on the list of “potentially dangerous” people? I’m specifically talking the “certain types” like crashed planes into the WTC and Pentagon killing 3000 innocent people.

It’s funny but after 911 we seemed to know who the enemy was and today we don’t. Today for some reason it is the American people that are the designated enemies of the state. How is that? Why is our government so paranoid? What are they doing that they need to be so paranoid about? NONE of the 911 terrorists were US citizens. NONE were from Iraq or Afghanistan. They were ALL from that great pal of ours called Saudi Arabia! So why have American citizens now been designated as possible terrorists when we know who the REAL terrorists are already? Our police? Our military? Now Bible believing Christians? These are NOT the terrorists! If I didn’t know better I’d swear that our government might be one of the real terrorists. Read more…

2012—Fact or Fiction?

Let me be honest here. I’ve had an interest in UFO’s, space exploration, archeology, anthropology, and ancient alien theories ever since I can remember. So this whole thing with December 21, 2012 has got me a bit alert. I’ve studied a lot about the ancient Mayan, Aztecs, and Inca and I’ve been aware of the Mayan 2012 prophecy for many years now. But, frankly, I’ve always put it in the back of my mind, thinking there was nothing to it. However, that infamous date is coming next year and I’ve noticed it is not so easy any longer for me to put it out of mind.

The ancient Maya calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Mayan prophecy says there will be unrest on the Earth and a new form of man will appear on Earth at that time. The prophecies also say that at that time the flying serpent god will return and he has the power of the air. This flying serpent god is known to the Mayans as Kukulcan, to the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl, and to the Inca as Veracocha. All of their descriptions of this god are the same, for they all described him as being a white skinned male with a beard. Ironically, or maybe not, the Hopi in northern Arizona speak of a similar being that they call “Pahana,” their “true white brothers” and even today Hopi elders sit atop their pueblos watching towards the East at dawn looking for th return of Pahana. Read more…